HaPPY DiWALi and a HappY NeW YeaR!!! from ABJ Stocks

New year is here to welcome new energy, vigour and happiness.

This post is about new year resolutions to manage and strengthen your finances.

So presenting new year financial resolutions:


I will write, a will within next 15 days as I don’t want my loved ones to suffer after my death.
To make my dreams come true I will learn to take calculated risk and invest in good returns providing instruments according to my age and risk profile.
I will make a proper portfolio of Property, Gold, Equity etc.
I will repay my credit card dues in full before the due date and will never use it.
I will keep my emotions in check while spending and investing and won’t take any decisions abruptly.


I will do long term planning and no more short term speculations.
I will not invest in any security whose returns are near inflation rate in the urge of safety. (LIC and many other safe avenues are taking money from risk avoiders and investing that in equities market and earning huge returns on it.)
I will not fall pray to the false promises of super normal returns. I will not become a victim of fraudsters.
I will never borrow to buy luxurious goods and for playful purchases.
I will not copy anyone, as my financial plan investments are unique.
I will never buy Money back, Endowment or ULIP insurance policies as they don’t cover me with appropriate insurance.
Last but not the least, I will invest through SEBI Registered Analyst or Advisor with strong and proven track record.
Are you willing to take these resolutions?

I bet you will prosper and become wealthy if you practice what has been written above.